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Hi I’m Jeremy, the co-founder of NextSlide. Thats Josh, the other co-founder. We’re brothers-in-law. He works in software and dabbles in business, I work in business and dabble in software.

Josh and I have been working together on projects in our free time for years. Mostly we just played around with ideas, but in 2019, we started working in earnest on something big. We met up, put together frameworks, outlines, wireframes, and eventually a proof of concept build. We got really excited at the progress, and decided to move forward with it and bring it to market. It’s called Unmanage, and its a super cool project management app. You should check it out

But wait, this is NextSlide, right? Did I click the wrong link somewhere?

Shh, I’m getting to that part.

Unmanage was a big build, and would take us at least another year doing it in our spare time, so we contracted out the main build. A day or so after the build started, I was running a major virtual event with 25+ presenters across 3 days. Many of the agenda items had a panel of presenters sharing a deck. Now, I don’t know if you’ve run these type events before, but the more people you have trying to share a screen/deck, the better the chance of an awkward, unprofessional, and catastrophic failure are – so the usual process is to have everyone send their deck to one person who shares their screen, and does all the advancing. Thats great – but you have to hear two words over and over and over.


It drove our presenters nuts. It drove our audience nuts. And it was driving us nuts. We searched around, but there was no good solution. Oh well.

*Fast Forward*

The night after the last event ended, I was laying in bed, drifting off to sleep, when suddenly I had a vision of the solution in my head. I jumped out of bed, went to my laptop, and spend the next 90 minutes hammering out the workflow and rough mockups for NextSlide. The next day I told Josh, and he lost his mind. He had been fighting the exact same problem at work. We reached out to some of our other corporate colleagues – all of them, same thing. So we said:

“I’ll bet we can build this. Not only do I bet we can build this – I bet we can build and launch this before Unmanage is even ready for testing.”.

So it became a challenge. Could we build a 2nd SaaS app from scratch in the time it took for our first app to be built?

Turns out – we could! We’re super happy with the potential this app has to help others that were in our situation, and we hope it helps you too. So check it out, give us a try, and if you have any ideas that would help improve it for you – feel free to contact us!

But also go check out Unmanage and sign up for it too, because its great. We promise.

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