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Remote Control

Share control of a presentation from anywhere with an internet connection via phone, tablet, or computer. Your audience will see the slides change instantly.

Share Links

Generate unique links for your presenters to control a session, or for you audience to view. Presenters will be able to advance the slide deck and see which slide they are on, while your audience will have a “view only” mode. These links can be deleted to prevent access to a deck at any time.

Slide Notes

Need to be able to see your notes when you present? We’ve got you covered! NextSlide automatically converts your notes and lets you control size and visibility for your presentation. 

Replace Deck

Did your presenter make a change to the presentation right before your event? No problem! Just click “replace deck” and upload the new one, without changing your presenters or audience links. 

Password Protected

Add a password to any session to give it an extra level of security. Anyone using the presentations links will have to put in the password before they can access the deck.

Pricing Plans


  • Unlimited Presenters
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Remote Control
  • Password Protected
  • Slide Notes
  • No Watermarks
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